Sunday, September 9, 2012

Word of the day...

The Word of the Day for September 9 is:

lugubrious \loo-GOO-bree-us\ adjective
1 : mournful; especially : exaggeratedly or affectedly mournful
2 : dismal

Katie's friends guessed immediately from her lugubrious expression that she and her boyfriend had broken up.

"Then beneath that lugubrious lament comes a kind of gentle chugging rhythm, like the clickety-clack of a train, against which Sweeney thumbs his nose at the sentimentality established at the start of the song." — From a review by Steven Leigh Morris in LA Weekly, June 14, 2012

Did you know?
"It is a consolation to the wretched to have companions in misery," wrote Publilius Syrus in the first century BC. Perhaps this explains why "lugubrious" is so woeful—it's all alone. Sure, we can dress up "lugubrious" with suffixes to form "lugubriously" or "lugubriousness," but the word remains essentially an only child—the sole surviving English offspring of its Latin ancestors. This wasn't always the case, though. "Lugubrious" once had a linguistic living relative in "luctual," an adjective meaning "sad" or "sorrowful." Like "lugubrious," "luctual" traced ultimately to the Latin verb "lug─ôre," meaning "to mourn." "Luctual," however, faded into obsolescence long ago, leaving "lugubrious" to carry on the family's mournful mission all alone.

The above is copy and pasted from my daily email. I love words and enjoy learning new ones. This one, however, seemed to fit the moment. The atmosphere in Multiply is "lugubrious."  The time is coming when we won't be here. I don't remember feeling this way when 360 closed. Maybe, my connections there weren't as strong as the connections I've made here. There are friends here from 360 still, but many have fallen along the wayside.

There are a few friends I made here that I haven't heard from in a long time. Emm is one. I miss her so much. I worry about here and she's in my thoughts often. I do have her on my messenger and an email address, so I'll still send a note now and then, just to let her know I'm thinking of her. I did have her phone numbers, but it was in one of the phones I drowned. I really need to invest in an address book.

It's the same with Pam, or Vamp as most knew here. She pops in occasionally just to let me know she's still breathing. The last I heard, she was very happy and on her way to becoming a blushing bride....LOL She would kill me for that. People didn't always understand her and couldn't see how she and I could be friends, but we clicked.....and a bond was formed.

Some of the friends here have gone on to FB. I'm not a big facebook fan, but I can keep up with them there.  Rach, Claire, Linda B, and Holly. Many of you are there also. Becky, aka Mop, I keep with me wherever I go. One of these days I'm gonna get that Chic here or Morticia and I are gonna have to make that trip.

I'm hanging here till the end. 


  1. You better hang on til the end! I'm just getting to to know you, and so far I love what I see! You see... you got the Gator seal of approval, and that's always enough for me : ))

    That word is too hard to say (and spell). I think I will stick to mournful

  2. Of course I have you at Xanga : D

  3. Thank you KK. I do love me some Gator. I can't wait to see him again. Counting down the day...

    Yep, Xanga is there....PLEASE let me know if you move....Don't wanna lose you now.

  4. my ears were burning so i had to come over :)..and yep you cant lose me that easy

  5. I LOVE this word . . . It is a fun word, even if it IS so mournfully dismal . . .

    I love words, too, Lindy . . . and I am REALLY enjoying getting to know YOU . . . I am hoping that can continue beyond Multiply's demise!


  6. Words are way too cool. I am not going any where in the near future, but then you knew that right?? I think we all loves us some Gator.