Monday, September 10, 2012

My daughter....Brandy

 Brandy left me a note on FB a few minutes ago.  It brought me to tears.  She's been through a lot in the past and she's overcome a lot.  Some of you know her story and you were there for me during those times.

This is the note she left me:


Dear Momma, I can't tell u enough that I love u.... How could I not??? At the times that I was not a good daughter and disappointed, scared, and worried U. U still loved me. Stuck by me. And helped me get through those times. On top of all that u r and where back then a Good Hard Workin Mom & gave me the best life. Thank u. U...
r the mom I can only hope to be. And so far after being a mom myself.... I only look up too u for being so strong when that thing everyone calls LIFE tried to knock u down. I only hope that one day I will be able to hear my sons say the same to me..... Love U, your daughter<- Brandy Nicole Deal :)
It reminded me of a post I did a long time ago...The Magic of the Bandaid....  I posted it on FB for her.  It's so hard to know your children are hurting and going through things you've already experienced. I wish a bandaid could help her now. This is the post I left her:
  The magic of the Bandaid.


When my girls were young, the band-aid was a magical thing. No matter the problem, a band-aid always seemed to be the fix. That or a kiss to the offended area. Still works with the grandmonsters.
It was a cure-all for everything it seemed. Skinned knees, scratches and sometimes even when there seemed to be no evidence of a ...
boo boo, a band-aid placed on the arm, leg or whatever always seemed to make them feel better.
As they got older the magic of the band-aid receded. Walking out of childhood into the teenage years and growing into a young adult, the power of the band-aid was lost. Sad isn't it, the things we lose from childhood.
A kiss seemed to have the same affect. I always tried to kiss the hurt away. Once, when Brandy was young, she literally busted her arse. Admist the tears, she began to laugh. She looked at me and said kiss it Mama. The little shite. It's a moment I'll always remember. Laughter through tears....
It seems the older they get, the harder it is to kiss the hurt away. We watch as our children go through the pains of life and most times, there's not much we can do. I feel so helpless sometimes and long for the power of the band-aid.
When they suffer the trials of life, we can love them, be there for them, give advice but most times we just have to let time heal the wounds.
Being a Mother is the hardest job there is I think. But, it's also one that's full of rewards.



  1. Being a Mother is the hardest job there is I think. But, it's also one that's full of rewards.. . . such true words, and our kids don't realize it until they become parents themselves. I wish I had a giant band-aid right now

  2. Maybe I'll place a band-aid and know it was kissed too. I love this story!!! Love you too! You 2 ladies are very lucky to have each other!!

  3. It's so true that they can't understand until they walk a mile in our shoes. You should be proud xxx

  4. I'll take a bandaid and a kiss right now! Wonderful, sweet post ♥

  5. Very touching, Lindy . . . Thank you for sharing both of these . . .

  6. She's a tribute to your strength and your vulnerability. This brought me to tears and smiles. It's all so familiar to any of us who are mommas.