Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Morning has arrived.  At the moment, all is quiet and serene.  Only the occasional sound of a car or the song of a bird is heard.  Outside is a soft grey.   A comfort in its own way.  I love this time.  The calm before the storm, as I mentally prepare myself for the chaos of the work day.

This should be my day off, but my assistant has jury duty.  I should be with Morticia at the Hill, but that’s life I guess, full of duty and responsibility.  Hopefully,  I won’t be there long.

I’ve been going through blogs.  I went back to the first blog.  There are so many memories here.  Many people have come and gone.  Some of the comments bring sadness.  Words that were left by my Dad and Mitzi.  I know I cant bring all that with me, but in a way, it feels like I’m losing them all over again.  Maybe this will be a chance to heal.  Something I really haven’t done, but that’s another blog for another day.

I have decided that all blogs will be written in Word, then copy and pasted wherever I land, which looks to be blogger.  I’m not really comfortable there, but I wasn’t at Multiply in the beginning.  I do know there are friends that I just do not want to lose touch with.  If that means two blogs, then so be it.  Hopefully, I can keep up.  I, also have new friends that I want to continue to get to know, KK, Souix….(hope I spelled that right.)

Dani’s theme for Creative Challenge this week is “Hot.”  I haven’t participated in a very long time, but I have a few words floating around in my head.  Maybe, I can bring them out.  I can see the pictures in my head.  Now, if I can just convert them to words.

And, with the slam of a door, and the sound of my Grandmonster Matthew on his way to school, I guess I’ll begin the day.

Y’all take care and have a great day.


  1. I think we feel that loss with you. I hope you enjoy your day xxx

  2. I, too, love that quiet morning time. Hope your work day is short and you get some time with Morticia in Society Hill. Glad you're going to be at Blogger as I will be too. I expect it will be my primary site although I'll be hanging around at Blogster and Anotherblogspot as well.

  3. I am not and never have been a morning person. My peace is the sunset. I love to sit and watch the colors change, and the light wane. I'm sorry you lost your day off.. from what I hear there are precious few of those. I think everyone is keenly feeling the knifes edge of our time here coming to an end. I, too went through blogs yesterday and experienced the same thing. People that I had a falling out with, or just drifted away... their comments tossed to the winds as I hit the delete button because the post themselves were just silly... it was the comments that I wished I could take with me. I am not liking Xanga all that much either, but I can deal with it. Stefan left me little choice.
    I hope you have a good day after all. Hugs !

  4. Reading your words made ME feel more calm and centered . . . Thank you for that!

    I still do not know where I will end up (though I will mostly just be HERE til the bitter end) . . . It HAS been fun to begin to get to know you, Linda, and I am hoping that can continue, as well . . .

    (And it is spelled SIOUX . . . though just plain old Sue works too! ;o)

  5. I think most of us are going thru old blogs and comments. I've been saving my favorites to word and particular comments on different ones as well. Like those from John O and Mitzi, and you and your Daddy. One comment in particular you wrote about my 'fairy tale" with Danny I couldn't just delete to the net. It was too precious what you said.
    Jackson starts college tomorrow and hopefully a part time job soon as well. Another chapter in his young life starting.. as for me, I'm trying to hold things together here at the Lodge as best as I can. Some days I don't even want to get out of bed. The truth of my grief is finally hitting me I think. It was a year ago on Thurs. that Daddy was diagnosed and the reality hit us that he wouldn't be with us very long. You know, if I hadn't spent so much time with Mitzi during her illness, I don't know if I could have handled things as well as I did with my Daddy. Thanks for letting me be a part of your family. Love and hugs...