Sunday, August 12, 2012

Modern Day Scarletts

Scarlett O'Hara...My Heroine.....

To many I guess she would seem a spoiled brat...but what she was...

A young girl raised to believe that the most important thing in her life was to be married. She was trained from birth to be a wife, manage a household and raise children....Nothing in her life was to be more important than that..but she had spirit.

During and after the war, her Southern Belle training didn't help her but the spirit she had did. She took care of family, friends and even the wife of the man she thought she loved...How many of us would do that?

She did what she had to do to survive and to provide for the others in her care. She worked in fields, she took a small general store and turned it into a thriving lumber business. Okay, she stole her sisters beau but, this too she did to save Tara and to provide for the others. (Don't know if I would go that far. My sister has had some strange beau's).

At times she seemed cold and uncaring but if we had to do this how would we behave? Sometimes to deal with life we have to shut down and just face the situation.

Many things have changed over the years but, many things have not. We are conditioned from birth, especially Southern Woman, that finding a husband, having a family and caring for a home are our main objectives....but.....

A lot of woman these days are raising their children as single parents. Many with little or no help. (In my case, I always did it on my own...) We work and do what we have to do to provide for them. To get them through school, first loves, first heartbreaks and so many other things.

We do have something women in those days didn't. A chance for an education. Even this is sometimes put on the back burner. But, I believe we are never too old to learn. To go back to school. I have many friends now that are doing just this.

There are many women out there that are physically or emtionally abused. Both are hard to overcome. I've had experience with both. But with the strength and spirit inside us...we go on.

This is a subject that really pisses me off. I can't stand to see a woman with a black eye or one that has been beaten down with harsh words. Told over and over again how worthless she is, to the point that she believes it. Sometimes she needs a helping hand to find her way out of the situation. I have a friend who has done just that recently. She reached out and already she can see the difference in her friend.

As women today...We do not "NEED" a man to survive. Neither did Scarlett.

We tend to get knocked down many times along the way. Life deals us some hard and painful blows. We just stand back up. Modern Day Scarletts....

After all...."Tomorrow Is Another Day"....

I wish I had a picture of my cousin Mia on here. She looked just like this Chic...


  1. A most excellent post, and some very good points. I never found Scarlett likable, but she damsure got the job done.

  2. Great Post Linda, hey you need to get this place fixed up LOL but its looking GOOD LOL;P

  3. it is difficult to get out of certain situations in life
    with a violently abusive person who threatens to kill you if you leave, you are afraid to leave and afraid to stay, a helping hand to pull you out is sometimes your saving grace