Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meme's Books of Love

Blog EntryDec 22, '09 9:33 PM
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Lined along these shelves are Meme's books of love. Each one has a name on it. A son or daughter, grandchild, even great grandchildren. They're filled with pictures. Pictures that tell the story of our lives.
Meme has spent many years....lots of hours...working on these books. A lot of love and time have gone into them.
In the above photo, My Aunt Flora, sister Emily, and nieces, Brooke and Amy. They're looking through books that Meme has put together. I spent time myself looking through them.
In my book, were pictures I had forgotten about. Pictures from many years ago. Different family gatherings and even a family shot before I was divorced. In my daughters books, they're were pictures from the time they were very young until now. Pictures of the Grandmonsters. I smiled the whole time I was looking at them and knew then, I would write this blog.
There was also books full of pictures I had taken, of family gatherings here. I was surprised to see them but, happy too. Knowing that she was using the pictures I had taken for her books of love made it all worth while. From now on when I take them, I'll smile thinking of her and her books.
Here she is at her desk. This is where she spends countless hours working on her books of love. Everything is very organized. The drawers filled with paper, ink and all the things she uses here.
What I don't have a picture of, are the two books she had tucked away here at her desk. These books had my name on them. Inside were my blogs. She had printed them out and saved them. She handed me the books and didn't say anything. I was so surprised. She had stories that I had written. many of the post I've done. I was so touched by this. And so filled with the love she put inside these books.
To Meme:
I love you!!!! I know you don't get to spend much time with my grandmonsters but, I promise you they will know how much love and time you put into these books. And when the time comes, I'll continue Meme's books of love and one day, they will too.


  1. This was so touching, I can feel the love surrounding your family. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. How meticulously she has put together her memories :)