Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mono Monday Plus....(lost count)

Yea!!!!  I have an entry.  Okay, so it's a day late, but I'm here.  LOL  My entry this week is more of editing.  The first shot is my original shot.  It's way to orange, warm, so I used a cooling filter is Photoshop.
I also adjusted the color and lightnes using the levels tool. Then I used the clone tool to take away the distractions in the photo.
There you have it. My MM for this week. There's still some things I wanna work on with this picture. The wall behind her is a little darker and shows some shadows, but I'm just happy I was finally able to use the clone tool.
Mono Monday is my favorite group.  I've learned so much here.  For more on MM click here....


  1. nice save chic...yeah the orange cast from the lights was ungood..cooling it helped tons..and getting rid of distractions another good move..excellent job here

  2. my computer's not letting me see the new improved version for some reason...? :(

  3. Linda you have a great save here. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  4. Thats better! The second version looks so much better... well done Linda! :)

  5. WOW it looks fantabulous! I love what you did with improved it a 100%!!!

    Empress S's Mono Plus