Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Haven't done this in a long time

Truth hidden
behind a haze of false calm
unclear, unseen
desparate, alone
in a sea of choice
what is needed passed by
the petals fall
escape comes only from within


  1. then you should do this more..straight from the soul linda

  2. And yes it has been awhile, but this is fantastic..............Please do not let me wait so long for the next one.

  3. Ha you two just love me. But honestly, I didn't even think I could anymore. Lots of changes over the past year. But I love to write...so maybe more.

  4. I've always been a fan of your penned thoughts :) More please ... as it flows.

  5. and yes we do love you..but thats just an extra

  6. You'll have to fill me in, so I can do it as well.

    Are you sure Capt Gator hasn't got a part time job working for Birds Eye?

    I seem to remember eating a lot of Birds Eye Fish Fingers with his picture on the box.

  7. Captain Gator does love the sea, and he's many things....a very gifted and talented man. Love him bunches.

  8. This reminds me I haven't written anything but coursework in a long time, used to enjoy writing short stories and poems - keep it up Linda, this is good!

  9. oh i hope so! beautiful my friend xxx