Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mono Monday Plus....(lost count)

Yea!!!!  I have an entry.  Okay, so it's a day late, but I'm here.  LOL  My entry this week is more of editing.  The first shot is my original shot.  It's way to orange, warm, so I used a cooling filter is Photoshop.
I also adjusted the color and lightnes using the levels tool. Then I used the clone tool to take away the distractions in the photo.
There you have it. My MM for this week. There's still some things I wanna work on with this picture. The wall behind her is a little darker and shows some shadows, but I'm just happy I was finally able to use the clone tool.
Mono Monday is my favorite group.  I've learned so much here.  For more on MM click here....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Haven't done this in a long time

Truth hidden
behind a haze of false calm
unclear, unseen
desparate, alone
in a sea of choice
what is needed passed by
the petals fall
escape comes only from within

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Picture Perfect-One Re-Post for Luxy Part 2


One, one grave, one name-  ALICE

I took this picture in Jan of this year, on a day trip to the beach, with my cousin Morticia.  We went looking for an old legend.  The ghost of Alice said to haunt Pawly's Island.

As legend goes, Alice was a young girl, from a prominent South Carolina family, during the 1800's.  She was very outgoing and full of life.  Considered bold, for her time.  She loved to ride, which she did on most days.  It was on one of these rides that she met John, a common lumberman and the two fell in love.

Her family was outraged by her association with this man and she was forbidden to see him by her brother, Allard.  The head of her family at this time.  But,  Alice followed her heart.  She continued to see John.  The two planned to marry.  John gave her a ring.  A plain gold band, with the words "LOVE NEVER FAILS" inscribed inside.  She wore the ring on a blue ribbon around her neck.

When Allard found out, he sent Alice to a boarding school in Charleston.  He left instructions that the there was to be no contact between Alice and John.

With a broken heart, Alice began to fade.  Becoming only a shell of the young, vibrant woman she had once been.  She became ill with a fever.  Her brother was sent for and Alice was taken back home.

Her condition worsened.  During her waking moments,she would reach for the ring around her neck.  Searching for comfort and for her lost love, John.   Allard found the ring around her neck one morning.  He tore the ribbon from her neck and threw the ring into a nearby creek.

Alice awoke to find the ring gone.  She died just hours later.

Her brother was so filled with rage that she had grieved herself to death over John that he had her buried with only her first name, ALICE, on her grave stone.

Morticia and I found her grave that day.  Not only had her brother  shunned her in life but also in death.  Her grave is separated from the rest of her family.  It sits alone.  While Morticia and I didn't find her ghost, what we felt that day was something neither of us will forget.  We cried for the young girl who had lost so much.

There's a tree near her grave that is full of ribbons.  Others that had been there before us had left rings in the tree for Alice.  She is said to have been seen many times here, behind the gates of this old graveyard.  It's said that she still looks for her ring and her lost love, John.

Not sure if this link will work but, more of the pictures from that day are here.




I always enjoy, foto friday/picture perfect.  Not only the photo's but, the stories that often are posted with them.  For more on Picture Perfect...click here.

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