Monday, April 25, 2011

Mono Monday Plus....(lost count)

While we were in Savannah, we walked along river street and came across a mask...We took a couple shots of it.  Later, Gator suggested I put Morticia's eye's in here it goes. 


I used these two shots.  Using layers I put them together.
I never delete the bad shots.  Why?  Who knows.  In this case, I had one that I decided to use as a frame.
So there goes...nothing special, but it was fun playing with PS again.  I've used Lightroom for so long in my classes, I haven't really played with layers in a while.  But my next class in a PS class, and I'll have to upgrade to CS5.  Maybe I'll learn some more tricks.  But, honestly, I've learned more from the Gator than I have from these classes.  He's not just my friend, he's my mentor.  Thanks Gator....I've come a long way since the first MM.   You're the reason why.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Captain Gator

Morticia and I had a great time with the Gator.  He's wonderful.  Tell you guys more about it later.  Thanks Gator for putting up with the Carolina Cousins. 

Adventure With Captain Gator

I haven't moved all the pics from Lightroom yet, but here's one or two.