Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mono Monday Plus....The Gathering.

HI all, I'm a day late, but I'm here this week.  I've been playing with a picture of my sister.This is what I came out with.

This is the original picture:

Using a quick mask, I cut my sister out of this picture and pasted her onto another background.
All of the above was done in CS4.  Then I went to picnik.com.  These are my final pictures.
And that's my entry for this week.  For more MM click here.


  1. well done... i love those edges on the last 2 =)

  2. Very cool...hey Sis!!
    Great work as always....

  3. NICE!! I love it!! I hadn't even been on Multiply this evening til Danny pointed out YOUR photo! He liked it!! Very cool.

  4. Cool work Linda, you've really emphasized her eyes and great teeth in the last two.
    However, I hope you don't mind me saying that I prefer the original shape of her face
    to the elongated version lol... She is a charming looking lady...


  5. I do like the vignetting around the image. That really adds to the photo. I know a few Photographers that use this as a sales point for their studios. Being able to shoot your photo and add any back ground you pick to it. This shot you worked with has stepped up to something that could be framed and hung on the wall. Very nice.