Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mono Monday Plus....The Gathering 7

My entry this week is a little different.  I couldn't really come up with an idea..but, I got to thinking about when I began with MM and how much I've learned since then.  So, this weeks post is to encourage new members.
First, I have my very first entry to MM.  It's a shot I took at the beach.  All I did was a crop and color changed.  This was the extent of my knowledge at the time.  LOL
With this entry, I played around with spot color.  As you can see, I still had a lot to learn.  But, the learning has been so much fun.  First is my original shot, I changed it to black and white, then brought back some of the green of the leaves.  I also cropped this image.
Next, I have another entry that's a color change, but I was also able to save a photo of Morticia that was blown out and over exposed.  What I did with this was crop it in, go up on the contrast and saturation, and change it to black and white.  This actually turned out to be one of my favorite photo's of Morticia.  Aunt Shirley liked it too.
And now we move on to layers.  Once again...Morticia.  She's a great model.  LOL  At this point I had never used layers.  For the following photos I used lunapic.com. http://www88.lunapic.com/editor/

   You choose the photos and the program automatically blends them for you.
Now, we have one of my first attempts at layering with PS.  I took my original shot, added a midnight blue filter.  Loved this filter.  I added a moon shot, played around with color, saturation, and opacity.  This is the result...
I have to say, if it hadn't been for the Gator, and his patience with my endless questions and inquiry's,(which I still do to this day), I would have never progressed as far as I have. He's been a constant source of encouragement.  And, now I'm going to school to get a BA in photography.  So, in honor of the Gator....this is an entry from the first anniversary of MM and MM plus.
And in ending, to all of you who are just beginning, you're in for an exciting and fun journey into photo editing.  This group is the best place to be for that.  There are many artist here to help you and answer any questions you have. 
I hope you all enjoy my little trek down memory lane.  LOL  I look forward to viewing the entries.


  1. Hey and look how far you have come wonderful work Linda and an inspiration ;)

  2. wow great work! the time you put into this is evident, well done!

  3. Isn't it amazing! Who knew where all this would lead! I'm proud of your accomplishments!!! Great work and trip through time!!

  4. I am with Luxy.........who knew where this was all leading............I have to get one done for this week.

  5. wow..where to start with a comment..first im humbled linda..thank you so much feels like i should send a check or something for the PR ...and what a great way to show the new folks where you started and where you are today...i remember them all..i remember when you first "got" layers :) like a light i had switched on and you were creating like crazy...then the news you had started the photo class ..the final pic makes me smile ...I really am proud of what this project turned out and I see nothing but good things coming from it again...thank you..and all of you really for what you put into this each week..nicely done this week chic

  6. A BA in photography....I'm very impressed!!!

    (oh and I like her boots)

  7. What a nice trip down the MM memory lane Linda. I remember some of these photos but not all.
    Great stuff you've done with all of them and good luck with the BA!

  8. Very cool entry Linda! Thanks for the memories and for the visit to mine!