Saturday, September 25, 2010

Images and Words~~~Creature Features

It's been a while since I've had an entry, but class is over until the 4th of October.  I'll have a little more time.  That said, here's my entry.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has come up with.



  1. I do believe he's saying all that too!!! LOL

    Nice photo of Mr Liz-ard, out in da yard!

    Images & Words #73 ~Creature Feature ~

  2. he doesn't look like Jim....but reincarnation does that to people

  3. Oh, good! Another lizard! I posted one, too.

  4. A vividly green lizard against that white picket fence - absolutely fab combo with the marvellous words.

    Thanks for ur comment!

  5. Very nice photo and words. Green is my favorite color.! Your lizard really stands out against the white post.

    Images & Words Week #73 ~ Creature Features

  6. Oh cool! Wonderful gecko :-). These guys are so photogenic and I love how you photographed him, great selective focus and colors. I love the lyric too.

    Thanks for your contribution this week :-)

  7. If that's Jim... he ain't sharing lol

  8. So cute and amazing timing! I love it!

  9. Eek, I don't like these things, they make me
    jump out of my hide when I see 'em crawling around,but it does make
    a pretty colourful picture.
    Cute Words too.

    Thanks for visiting mine.
    Smiles #

  10. ~smile~ .... it actually looks as though he is uttering those words .... gosh he looks a little scary!! Excellent capture though.
    Thanks for visiting mine ....

  11. LOL I like your tin lizzie there Linda..makes me dizzy.
    Great quote too!
    Thank You.
    Images and Words Week 73: Creature Features

  12. There couldn't be a more perfect picture of a lizard or a
    better quote.
    I love it.