Friday, August 27, 2010


Photo By Baz
Mitzi Lynn Hudson
Today is Mitzi's birthday.  I would give anything if I could call her and tell her happy birthday.  Last year, when I called her on her birthday, she was very sick.  She tried to talk, but she just couldn't.  I miss her so much.
Baz did this photo for the family, when Mitzi passed away.  It was a very kind and heart felt act that was loved and appreciated by all of us.
There were so many of you that made her last days a bit better.  All the cards brought a little light into the darkness of the disease she was fighting.  I was there and saw the smiles and heard the happiness in her voice, as she talked about the cards.
Those of you who knew her, know what a special person she was.  She wasn't just my sister-in-law, she was one of the best friends I ever had.  She knew me better than most.
Happy Birthday Mitzi Lynn...I love you and I miss you so much.........


  1. HUGE HUGS....I'm so sorry. It leave a hole that can't be filled to lose a best friend.

  2. Thanks Rita and Cherie...Hugs to you both...

  3. Happy Birthday Mitzi Lynn Thinking of you;)

  4. Happy B'Day Miss Mitzi, and hugs to you Lindyloo.

  5. Happy Birthday Mitzi!

    As long as you keep her in your heart she isn't so far away.....

  6. A lovely tribute to Mitzi.