Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Red Glider

What do you all see when you look at this picture?  Two beautiful little boys?  An old red porch glider?  Now, Let me tell you what I see.
I see many Sundays.  I see my Granny and her sisters and friends.  I see  many bushels of shelled peas and butter beans.  My Granny and I sitting there talking about nothing and everything.  My cousins....a porch filled with laughter.  My Dad with his Mama....My Aunts.  Even my daughters.
You see, this was my Granny's porch glider.  It was on her porch for as long as I can remember.  This glider is full of memories.  It wasn't originally red.  General Lee and yes that was really his name, painted it red.  I think he liked red because he painted everything red.  General Lee was my Granny's husband.  When they married and moved to his place, the glider went too.
Even after Granny moved I remember sitting there with her on an afternoon.  This glider has seen lots of good ole days. 
General Lee passed on shortly after my Granny.  The glider has been at his old place since then.  Recently, his daughter Carolyn sent word to me that I could have it.  Not having a truck, I was in a bit of a dilemma but, my cousin came to the rescue.  I have such great cousins.  Cecil went to pick it up and had it on my porch when I can home from work.

This is Cousin Cecil with Tyler.  He was my hero for the day!!!  After all this time, I finally had my Granny's porch glider.
When Tyler and I pulled up at the house yesterday, I told him that it had been my Granny's and that I used to sit with her on the porch in it.  He got out of the car, went up the steps and sat in
Granny's glider.  He turned those beautiful brown eyes of his up to me and said "Granny are you gonna sit with me?"
Now this glider will see another Hudson generation or two.  There will be many more memories to come.