Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Images & Words~~~2010 Calender

April 2010
"Now spring has clad the grove in green,
And strew’d the lea wi’ flowers;
The furrow’d, waving corn is seen
Rejoice in fostering showers.
While ilka thing in nature join
Their sorrows to forego,
O why thus all alone are mine
The weary steps o’ woe!

That little floweret’s peaceful lot,
In yonder cliff that grows,
Which, save the linnet’s flight, I wot,
Nae ruder visit knows,
Was mine, till Love has o’er me past,
And blighted a’ my bloom;
And now, beneath the withering blast,
My youth and joy consume."
- Robert Burns, Now Spring Has Clad the Grove in Green
My first thought for this entry was to go with a previous entry," Red" for the month of Feb. For this entry, there was a poem by Burns. Then I thought, this might be cheating a litlle.  LOL
I have spent numerous hours the past two days working on this.  I wanted to bring the words out on the picture.  Using PSE 7, I adjusted back light, curves, levels, tried many different filters and much more. Changed fonts, changed colors of fonts and several different blend modes. LOL  Still haven't been able to make the words the way I wanted.  So......
Here's my entry.  The image with the words and beneath, the poem, about spring by Robert Burns.
While I never got it the way I wanted again, I learned a lot during the process.


  1. Even if it is not eactly what you want, it is a beauty to behold.

  2. and that is part of the leaning process....nice way to follow my March entry, I love dogwood..

  3. What wonderful poem. I like the poem in black over the photo. The font was a lil difficult to read, I'm glad you placed it also beneath it.

    The photo is spectacular.

  4. perfection is in the eye of the beholder......

    It really is beautifully done

  5. The link I posted for "Red" doesn't seem to be working. Trying it here...I think this has to do with my daughter and some of the things she's added to my computer. LOL


  6. I finally made it round to all the entries. There were many creative and beautiful entries. Learning is part of the fun for me. Thanks everyone...

  7. So very dainty, delicate and pretty

  8. All Your Efforts paid off.
    Lovely pic and Words.

  9. Gorgeous dogwood blooms! I think it's lovely, even if you're not completely happy with it it's still very beautiful.

    I'm using PSE 2 (I know, I'm a dinosaur!) and I'm still learning stuff about it, as old and as simple as it is, LOL! I've been pulling the colors for my fonts and "frames" (when I use them) directly out of the photo, so maybe instead of black you could use the very dark brown of them stems? Or maybe you tried that and it didn't work? I dunno? That's why I usually use the frames.

    But as I said, it's lovely as it is :-)

    Thanks for visiting.

  10. great photo great poem.. sad poem
    thanks for stopping by

  11. Lovely Linda,
    I'm using PSP Photo x2 and PSE6 but I'm always learning everytime I use them.
    Keep up the good work and keep on practising.

  12. I love dogwood. I love Bobby Burns. I love you for combining them!

  13. I'm gonna try this again...lol gonna try this soon....been on the phone for 4 hours....omg

  14. Beautiful poem. I love the pic too.

  15. Your I&W post might have taught you much for this theme and for us all here it gives so much pleasure from your efforts.
    You have made a truly gorgeous contribution with your hard work and diligence.
    Congratulations on taking up the challenge Linda. I could not help but to read Robbie Burns poem out loud because it begs to be read in the way it has been written.
    April 2010 looks stunning.
    Welcome To Week 35 ~ I&W 2010 Calender

  16. I think it turned out perfectly, Linda! So elegantly composed and gorgeous. Kudos! :)

  17. Beautiful! Simply beautiful!
    Thanks for the visit.

  18. I especially love white flowers.
    Just so beautiful!!!

  19. I think it turned out wonderful.
    Your hard work paid off. A great entry.

  20. That is gorgeous. Love the flowers and the beautiful poem.