Friday, January 15, 2010

Picture Perfect~A Special Tribute to John O~~~Of the Sea

This weeks PP is a tribute to John O.  I only knew him through this group and from a few other friends pages.  But, the comments he left on my post and on the other pages, always left me smiling.
He was loved by so many and known for his kindness and good spirits.  He was fun.  So, this is my entry.  Taken at the aqurium in Myrtle Beach.  We had so much fun that day and I loved the way Morticia was reflected on the tank.  LOL
To John O's friends and are all in my thougthts and prayers.  Look for comfort in the memories of this wonderful man.
There are no rules this week so, I'm posting another picture from that day.  Little fishies of the sea....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Picture Perfect~~~In the Style of.....

Ansel Adams.....
I've spent a lot of time, reading about the man and viewing his work.  Morticia and I spent over an hour in the book store once, just going through books featuring the work of Ansel Adams.  I would so love to have the talent this man has.
Off to work....look forward to viewing entries tonight.  Y'all have a good day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Images & Words~~~2010 Calender

April 2010
"Now spring has clad the grove in green,
And strew’d the lea wi’ flowers;
The furrow’d, waving corn is seen
Rejoice in fostering showers.
While ilka thing in nature join
Their sorrows to forego,
O why thus all alone are mine
The weary steps o’ woe!

That little floweret’s peaceful lot,
In yonder cliff that grows,
Which, save the linnet’s flight, I wot,
Nae ruder visit knows,
Was mine, till Love has o’er me past,
And blighted a’ my bloom;
And now, beneath the withering blast,
My youth and joy consume."
- Robert Burns, Now Spring Has Clad the Grove in Green
My first thought for this entry was to go with a previous entry," Red" for the month of Feb. For this entry, there was a poem by Burns. Then I thought, this might be cheating a litlle.  LOL
I have spent numerous hours the past two days working on this.  I wanted to bring the words out on the picture.  Using PSE 7, I adjusted back light, curves, levels, tried many different filters and much more. Changed fonts, changed colors of fonts and several different blend modes. LOL  Still haven't been able to make the words the way I wanted.  So......
Here's my entry.  The image with the words and beneath, the poem, about spring by Robert Burns.
While I never got it the way I wanted again, I learned a lot during the process.