Monday, December 7, 2009

She Waits

Beautiful Dreamer
Jack Vettriano
On the night that Tamara was attacked, she had called me, just moments before, asking me if I still had a poem she had written several years ago.  I did.
she waits.....
in her dreams she waits. the night is bright the moon is full. she remembers the last time they were here.
his touch like fire burning every part of her inside out.
for this she waits.....
her name he calls like the sweetest song,words of undying love he whispers.
for this she waits.....
as she stands in the moonlight she prays he'll come she dreams of the first time..
he reaches out and takes her in a warm embrace
for his kiss she waits...
his lips move ever so lightly over hers, her heart pounding her blood races
the softness dissapears passion rages the battle of love begins
as she remembers she waits...
her body tremors from his every touch every kiss she is his for always
their hearts,body and soul become one.
pleasure of pure extacy she cries out he calls her name
"ill love you always never forget me my love i shall return for you are my one my only wait for me"
as tears begin to fall her heart calls for him she cries out his name in sadness "i shall wait forever my love"
(but he will never come)
and she waits.......


  1. wow...that is intense and takes my mind a couple of directions at the same time

  2. She hasn't written very much in a long time. But, she has lots of time for it right now. She's gotten some notebooks and has started again. I still have some of her old notebooks here somewhere.

  3. She has a talent that will not stay hidden long.

  4. She writes really well, I enjoyed that poem!

  5. Wow. A very powerful poem that makes one want to know more

  6. What a wonderful poem - I'm glad she's writing again, an ability like that should not be hidden!

  7. Wow - beautiful. She has a wonderful talent for sure

  8. Well, I know where she gets her talent from....wonderful...

  9. She is quite a poet.
    Gets it from you I guess.

  10. She is quite a poet.
    Gets it from you I guess.