Monday, December 7, 2009

For Mitzi Lynn


Her Time To Fly


Her time to fly is drawing near

Our hearts filled with pain

Our minds with fear

A beautiful soul thats touched our lives

An angel she will become when it's her time to fly

Letting go will not be easy

As understanding still hasn't come

I pray God gives us peace and courage

When her time on earth is done

A gaurdian angel to all those she loves

Her body will be gone but

Her soul will watch from above

Never will we forget her love and courage in our lives

God's calling his angel home and we must find a way to say goodbye

We must cherish each moment with her till

It's Her Time To Fly


For my Aunt Mitzi who will soon become one of God's angels

By Tamara Getty



  1. my tears mixed with yours this morning linda..(just sits and gives you a hug across the miles)

  2. Linda

    As her time draws near remember that she was an angel here on earth and she will remain one as God calls her home.

    My love and hugs to you and yours as you go through this time.

  3. This is incredibly heart wrenching, what a beautiful poem.
    Prayers and hugs to you all...

  4. Hugs and comforting thoughts for all of you.

  5. Oh Linda, There just are no words. Hugssssssssssss and so many prayers.

  6. Linda I don't know how to comfort anyone who is suffering a loss of a loved one or suffering the anticipation of that loss. But I will try to direct your attention to another possibility.

    1. There is no death, only a changing. We are all Eternal Energetic Beings who choose to spend time in this illusion or if you want to think of it "this focus".

    2. When we have lived out what we came into this life to live out and finally get to return to our "true home" it is a blessed release from the limitations that physical life puts on us.

    I don't in any way want to dismiss your feelings of loss and heartbreak. But Mitzi will finally be free to be her full Energetic Essence. It is always the ones left behind to finish our tasks that suffer the sadness and who miss the physical manifestation. Mitzi will always be with you. You've but to think of her and she will be there.

    I will be here if you need me Linda. I love you.

  7. Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  8. Oh Linda ... you have touched my heart.
    She already is one of God's Angels ... as are YOU!
    Much Love .....

  9. A very beautiful and touching poem. Like cachinnae said Mitzi is already an angel. Hugs across the water.

  10. Hugs, of course. We know it's coming, but you can't really prepare for it, can you? Other than the obvious, my biggest regret is not having the chance to know Mitzi better. We were just beginning to know each other and I think we would have become good friends. She impressed me from the beginning as fun and loving. Especially loving. She was a friend I never got the chance to know.
    If she's up to it, can you let her know I care?

  11. i wont to thank all of you guys that have been here for linda and my family , there is no words to discribe what you guys have done only the biggest thank you a little sister can give her big sisters friends thank you

  12. Linda has been there for all of us at one time or another. She is a bright and constant light. :)
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers .....

  13. This is such a beautiful poem that Tamara wrote.
    I can't begin to imagine what you are all going through right now. I just pray for you to have strength and courage.
    Love you chic.

  14. We all know that if we ever needed support, that Linda would be there for us. Just wish there was more I could do!

    You and all your family remain in my thoughts and prayers Linda...

  15. i wont to thank all of you guys that have been here for linda and my family , there is no words to discribe what you guys have done only the biggest thank you a little sister can give her big sisters friends thank you

  16. Aunt Mitzi and I love you...This is beautiful and will be part of her service when the time comes....Thank you T

  17. Tamara, you have a gift for words... this tribute is lovely. In my mind I hear the song by Keith Whitley... "Go rest high on that mountain...your work here.. on Earth is done... "

    When the time is proper, I have a short poem to share also.
    Love ya'll..

  18. OMG How beautiful is that, it is hard to read, because it is so hard to accept, but it is a dreadful truth and beautiful beautiful way to put it!

  19. This is just so beautiful. Brings tears.