Sunday, September 27, 2009

I came home tonight...

and was so touched by my friends here.  Emmm and her stalking, Maggie's video.  I love you all.
At the moment, I'm pissed, I'm hurt...I want to scream.  And it's no ones fault but my own.  I put myself back where I had already been...just to go through the same shit.  Sometimes I think I'm the biggest idiot there is.
Being in love is for fools and idiots and I'm both!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Man Of Mystery

Man Of Mystery
Jack Vettriano
Some of you, newer to my wee world, may not know of my passion for Scottish artist, Jack Vettriano.  I haven't posted anything of his in a while.  Above is one of his newest works.  "Man Of Mystery".  (Honey if ya ask me, they're all a friggen mystery)
Back Where You Belong
Jack Vettriano
This one holds a special place in my heart.  Two lovers coming together.  Kept apart by time, distance....but now Back where they belong.  It sets me off to day dreams of one day. 
Along Came A Spider
Jack Vettriano
Ahhh but, this one.  My Favorite!!!!!  Along came a spider.  For a mere $6000 dollars it could be mine.  Anybody want to loan me some money?  LMAO  Morticia and I are going to buy it together, along with a huge house that connects in the middle.  One side hers, one side mine.  The middle ours.  LOL We'll hang it there.  Of course, one of us has to win the lottery first.
At one time, there was a video of his paintings that was done to one of my favorite songs, My Immortal, (once again thank you Holly)  but, seems it's been removed.  But, this is another one that shows some of his work.


Or you can click the following link to some of my past blogs and favorites...


Jack Vettriano


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secrets, secrets, secrets....

Everybody has secrets tonight.....


Just don't want to deal with the serious tonight so, I'm bringing out the good old blog things.  Just for a bit of fun.



You Are 40% Pirate
Ahoy matey! Ye can think o' yerself as a swashbuckler in trainin'.
If ye study hard an 'do what the captain tells ye, ye may be gettin' part o' the booty.
Get to work on yer pillagin', swordfightin', an' drinkin'.
Ye dasn't want to end up in Davy Jones' locker, so make sure ye pipe down when the captain be around.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



She stood on the shore line alone.  Watching the water as in came in.  Letting the sound of it sooth her.

Her heart full of pain, she accepted the truth she could no longer ignore.  The love she had given was not enough.  No matter how long she waited, it never would be.  There would always be someone else.  She would always be just waiting in the shadows.

She knew the time had come to let go.  She looked ahead, trying to see her life without him.  All she could see was emptiness.  There had to be more.  Something waiting for her.

As she turned to go, she saw him standing there watching her.  Waiting for her.  In that moment she knew...

What she saw was the future.  Something new.


Every week, my freind Rita, does a writing challange.  This is my contribution this week.  To find out more visit Rita's here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Once upon a time.... the land of the hill, there lived two cousins.  They spent their time roaming the countryside looking for adventure.   Running from bulls, sliding down river banks.  A little trespassing here and there.  The occasional ghost hunt.  They sailed away on a pirate ship.  Played in the rain on the beach.  Cameras always by their side, looking for that perfect shot. They drove around barricades to get to places they wanted to go.  (Poor Justin, he may never get over that one).
But alas, life intruded upon their adventures.  They began too wither away as responsibilities of work and family took over.  Now, they only seem to be able to talk on the phone and dream of far away places.  And new adventures.  Longing for the day they can break away and for one day be free......
Damn I miss Morticia.
PS--Brandy spent the night in the hospital Monday night.  She was having contractions.  She seems to be okay now and Keiran is still in the oven.