Friday, June 26, 2009


Lost in a mist
Reaching for the unknown
Blinded by dreams
Confused by truth and fantasy
Waiting on one day to come
Unsure, it enough

Picture Perfect~~~Favorite past picture perfect post

Favorite post....for today, it would be this one.  Our lives are full of contrast.  Light and dark.  Daily, we face the battles of life.  It seems that in our darkest times there is always a light.  A friend or maybe even a stranger can reach out and touch us and bring a peace and comfort.

Contrast is the dissimilarity or difference between things. Another meaning for contrast is in the context of colour. This can be the opposition of items that are compared or the act of distinguishing via differences comparison. The act of linguistics contrast is the act of expressing the distinctions between words.(It is used in the writing form compare and contrast)


After seeing this weeks theme, this morning, for Picture Perfect, I searched through my pictures.  I kept coming back to this one.  It was taken the night of the solstice moon.  It's not a very good picture but, to me it's a "contrast" between light and dark.

When I think of light and dark, other things come to mind:




And the following poem:


On The Wings Of A Dragon


On the wings of a dragon she flies

out of the darkness and into the light

Sadness and pain cannot find her here

There is no place for anger and fear

peace and tranquility fill her heart

as she soars though the heavens up to the stars

this is where she paints her dreams

of things to come, things unseen

and if in time she loves again

this will be where her life begins


When I wrote this, my emotions were all of the above.  A "contrast" of feelings.  A conflicting ball of confusion.  A lot has changed, in my life since then but, there are still days that I look back.


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Friday, June 5, 2009

Picture Perfect~~~~"B"

Birds and Bees....I took this picture at Morticia's Tues.  The hummingbirds aren't too happy about sharing with the bees.  LOL 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Aunt Shirley

Being the sweet little things we are, Morticia and I did as we were told yesterday.  We did not go looking for snakes. (Any other time you would see these varmits crawling across the roads).  Nor did we go play in the woods.  We did exactly what we said and chased the sunset.

Then we went to the river. (You didn't say anything about us going to the river) We wanted to play around with night shots.  Most of mine were crap but, Morticia got some great ones.  Would have helped if I had had the image stablization on...
Now, this one I thought was cool.  I'll be playing around with this one.
This is where the adventure begins....LMAO  Morticia and I were going to try to go around the bend to get some shots.  So, down the embankment we went.  And I do mean down.  Morticia's feet hit the mud, She slid down the embankment on her arse.  Being the loyal, supportive cousin that I am, I proceeded down, to make sure she was okay.  Once I had done that, I just had to have a shot of it.  Thing was I had my zoom lens attached and had to back off to get my shot.  I turned, a bit too quickly, and was soon on my arse in the mud with her.  It was hilarious.
We then decided to call it a night.  We jumped in the car (her car..lmao) and headed home.  We ended the evening, in the kithcen with India and Charles.  Laughing, talking and enjoying each others company.
Oh and India is now a big fan of William Wallace.  She can be heard yelling the words "FREEDOM"  (repeatedly)  Gotta love her.