Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Thoughts

"If Love Were A Whisper, What Could I Give You To Speak"
Can't Let You Go~~~Matchbox 20

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What does this have to do with the moon?  Not a thing.  It's just a line in the lyrics from this song that has stuck in my head.  I just love the line.
As for the moon, I keep getting e-mails from a psychic  This last one was telling me that I was born on a Sunday.  Okay, I was  sooo.....  According to this person, I was born under a certain phase of the moon.  Something to do with the Moon  Goddess Isis.  I possess untapped gifts.  Hmmmm thing here is these gifts come with a price of 29.99 for 6 months.  It's a pendant of Isis.
Now, I remember doing a blog about the Moon Goddess Diana.  She was a hunter, warrior and such.  From what I've been able to find on Isis, she was a healer and married to her brother.  Another brother was jealous, had a box fashioned like a coffin, tailor made so that only the other brother would fit in it.  Once the brother was in, he closed the box and hid it away.
Isis is said to have mourned to the extent that her tears flooded the Nile.  She at some point found the box and retrieved it.  Once again it was found by the brother who cut up her beloved into 14 pieces.  The pieces he then scattered. 
Isis again searched.  She found all the pieces except one.  Guess which part of the anatomy that was!  It is said it was swallowed by a fish or crab or some such creature.
The myth goes on to tell how she replaced this piece with gold and brought him back to life.  He is said to be the watcher of the underworld.  Oh, and there was a child.  He was associated with the sun I think.
Then there's Rhiannon.  A Celtic Goddess.  Now this myth I liked.  She was to wed a man of her parents choosing. (Seems this was a trait that trickled down through history).  She refused and married a human.  Her story was interesting but, the blame phone rang and I haven't finished reading it yet.
Maybe tomorrow....LOL


  1. LOLLLLLLLLLL Do you get emails from Bethea too............she is always trying to sell me something.

  2. LMAO Yep Rita that would be her. So....you have gifts too huh

  3. Diana was the huntress - I think she's Roman mythology & sprang from the forehead of Zeus, her father ... In the Greek mythology she was Artemis ...

    What an incredible moon shot - you do seem to have an affinity for them & you take the best photos of them I've seen!!!

  4. Thanks Leslie.

    I love Mythology. Guess that's the dreamer. LOL I'm going to go back and read more about Rhiannon.

  5. And that moon shot was hand held. I love my new lens. It was still light out. The moon was rising. A cloudy day. I looked up and saw....started firing away.

  6. LOL I have many gifts that are supposed to open up the doors to wealth and riches.............the only one getting rich I think is her. LMAO

  7. Yep I think you're right....LOL

  8. I guess I'll be the first to comment on the incredible sexiness that are Rob Thomas' vocals. Have you heard his new single yet, Lindyloo? I heard it on the radio that other day .. recognized his voice immediately and cranked that volume!!!

  9. Nope but, I'm going to listen to it now. Thanks Holly.

  10. You take the best pictures of the moon I've seen yet. Great job Linda.

    "I can't let you go" , rings loudly in my ears too.