Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mono Monday Plus #38 (MM # 52) One Year Anniversary

A Gator in the Carolina swamps?   Well, not this particular Gator, at this time.  He has, however, been known to haunt these waters from time to time.
Over the past year, I've learned so much from Gary and others here.  Layers drove me crazy and still do.  LOL  But, I have conquered to a degree.  Still working on it.
Next on the list, dodge and burn.
This is a quick attempt at a post for this weeks MM.   It's never a good idea to start a photo project right before work.  LOL  Now, I've got to get it in gear and get ready.
You all have a great day and I look forward to seeing more of the entries tonight.
In words of the Gator...."Peace Out". 


  1. lol looks like a perfect place for a gator to play to me linda...and I remember this shot from the other day when you and Mortica were out..and i feel honored you would risk being late to get thos out and Like the others linda I remember you being to scared of layers and then seemed like over night you were turning out these great composite shots...Always love to see what you got going on over here never let down ...have a great day and yeah PEACE out

  2. not bad for a quick attempt. i always love your layered art. so awesome.
    come by when you can ~

  3. great quick layering work!!... that's one of the things i'm thanking MM for too... cool right!!!
    happy anniversary!!!

    Mono Monday Plus Anniversary Week

  4. Have a great day dont work too hard. Nice work as usual;)

  5. Wonderful work Linda and yes I am with you dodging and burning is on my list as well.

  6. How did you do the letters like that? It looks really cool!!! Great job certainly doesn't look like a quickie!!!!

    Empress C's Mono Plus not mono LOL

  7. Cool one! great shot! A year already?

  8. I did it on You can go to the advanced setting and do overlays and such. They also have a color box. It blends in with the picture just like when you do layers.

  9. Awesome........You really had a Moon??? OMG could it be that we'll have one too???

  10. LOL Yep Chic we did. Still out there. Smiling away.

  11. LOL, yeah he's been spotted in the Carolina's a time or two.

  12. Looks like you caught him on the move and captured the swamp to!
    The learning part of this Mono Monday is so great and it always seems to
    be so much fun in the progress! Just really nice people helping each other!
    Hope you have a great week!!!!