Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mono Monday Plus #19 (MM #33)

I did this picture a few days ago using  I took the picture of me and blacked everything out except my face.  I used the lasso tool and the paint brush to do this.  Then I added then picture in the background.  I played around with the opacity for a bit and this is what I ended up with.
I haven't had anything on MM for a while.  Hope to get around to everyones page tomorrow night.
Y'all take care.


  1. Linda I am so glad to see you here tonight and it has been awhile and welcome home...and seems you have been polishing your craft as well i love this. A bit reflective and seductive all at once..this is sweet chic very well done

  2. Linda how cool is this!! I wanna try this but know I would never look like that!!! What a fabulous idea!!!

  3. very cool work I love this shot

  4. Hey the pic...(now that I know what I'm looking