Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A dream~~~that left me thinking

She came to me through a veil of sleep

Appearing from another time

A genteel look of sadness upon her face

She had something to say to me

She spoke, her words lost to me

But I understood

We both longed for the same thing


Dreams are such strange things.  Sometimes they seem so real.  Are they memories, maybe pieces of the day carried over.  A release of some sort.  A message from another place and time.


  1. Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask;~)

  2. Memories, maybe...
    Hopes for the future...definitely.

  3. Strange I always dream in oppisites! I used to have very vivid dreams but I am to tired just now!

  4. nice and thought provoking linda I love these remembrances

  5. And I know what that is. Lovely way to write it Linda.

  6. Yeah, LC, I know what it is TOO...
    You want some grits...

  7. Or just a bad curry? LOL
    Sorry, couldn't help it.
    Lovely thoughtful post Linda. I knew exactly what you meant.