Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picture To Words~~~Reflections Week 1


Worn and tired

Broken by trials in life

Softened by one who loved

Gone to soon in his life

Standing alone on the edge

Looking at happiness from afar

Never reaching out to grasp it once again.

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  1. I never realised how looking at feet and their shoes can be so moving - well written

  2. Damn, I must be emotional or somethin' you 'bout moved me to tears...

  3. The picture reminded me of someone I knew. That's how I saw them. It is sad.

  4. I like your poem very much. There are strong emotions within these threads. You have done a very good job ... as good as anyone. Thank you for your kind comments on mine.

  5. A nice read and equally well done on the pull of emotions you draw here.

    Highlighted above; I really do like this part in how, I think, a time comes when this happens. It's either felt in bitter resentment or in thinking how good it all was; the latter many do achieve but I think the closer one is to their partner the easier it is to fall into what you portray here. I know I have seen both sides of this and can relate with you and with ease.

    Very well done and on a pic that seem to beg for the emotions to let go here; that you did wonderfully. A very nice read! Thank you


  6. Nicely written love!
    Made me think of those who have gone before.