Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Magic of the Bandaid

When my girls were young, the band-aid was a magical thing.  No matter the problem, a band-aid always seemed to be the fix.  That or a kiss to the offended area.  Still works with the grandmonsters.

It was a cure-all for everything it seemed.  Skint knees, scratches and sometimes even when there seemed to be no evidence of a boo boo, a band-aid placed on the arm, leg or whatever always seemed to make them feel better.

As they got older the magic of the band-aid receded.  Walking out of childhood into the teenage years and growing into a young adult, the power of the band-aid was lost.    Sad isn't it, the things we lose from childhood.

A kiss seemed to have the same affect.  I always tried to kiss the hurt away.  Once, when Brandy was young, she literally busted her arse.  Admist the tears, she began to laugh.  She looked at me and said kiss it Mama.  The little shite.  It's a moment I'll always remember.  Laughter through tears....

It seems the older they get, the harder it is to kiss the hurt away.  We watch as our children go through the pains of life and most times, there's not much we can do.  I  feel so helpless sometimes and long for the power of the band-aid.

When they suffer the trials of life, we can love them, be there for them, give advice but most times we just have to let time heal the wounds.

Being a Mother is the hardest job there is I think.  But, it's also one that's full of rewards.

Seems I'm just in a reflective mood this morning.  Looking back.  What I need to be doing, is packing and getting ready for work.  I'm going to Morticia's when I get off.  Gonna spend a little time with her tomorrow.  That's always a bandaid for me.

Y'all take care and have a wonderful day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Picture Perfect~~~Joined

Babes On The Beach


1 a: to put or bring together so as to form a unit <join two blocks of wood with glue> b: to connect (as points) by a line c: adjoin2: to put or bring into close association or relationship <joined in marriage>3: to engage in (battle)4 a: to come into the company of <joined us for lunch> b: to associate oneself with

Joined, to come into the company of.  That's what we did above.  Three friends, okay ones my crazy cousin Moticia but, she's also my friend. LOL

Morticia and I met Sonia at the beach last June.  We spent a night and day together.  We had a fantastic time. 

Sonia is one cool Chic.  She was the first online friend that I met.  Well, she's the only one so far but, I hope to remedy that.  LOL

We laughed, we danced, we ate, had a drink or two.  Played in the water at 2am.  Sonia and I did.  Morticia fell asleep.

I still chat with Sonia and talk with her on the phone from time to time.  Every time Morticia and I go to the beach we think of her.  I hope we'll have the chance to do it again one day.  I miss her.  Meeting Sonia wasn't like meeting someone for the first time.  It was like seeing an old friend that had been away for awhile.  There was no awkwardness at all.  Just happiness at being "joined"  together for a time.

A lot of good memories were made during that time and a bond of friendship that will always be.

If you would like to see more of "Babes On The Beach"  Click here.  We all decided together on a song and put the pics on a video.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Good-Bye Art Print by Anthony Loy
Anthony Loy

In my dream, there was no excitement in hello. Only an acknowledgment.
In my dream, there was no sadness when you turned to go. Only an acceptance.
Sometimes, Goodbye is all that's left.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picture To Words~~~Reflections Week 1


Worn and tired

Broken by trials in life

Softened by one who loved

Gone to soon in his life

Standing alone on the edge

Looking at happiness from afar

Never reaching out to grasp it once again.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mono Monday Plus #10 (MM #24)

I've been playing around with this week.  Been having fun with the different effects they have.  The picture above is one I took when my friend, Jean and I went to the lake last week.  We had been playing in the rain and chasing raindrops. LOL
First thing I did was crop it in a bit.  I changed it to black and white but wasn't really happy with that so I tried sepia.  Then I went to the effects, photo, soften photo.  I then went back to effects and chose artistic.  Then changed it to oil painting.
After this I played a bit more.  I went back to effects.  Chose the distort tool and the polar inversion.  This is my final pic.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Picture Perfect~~~Perspective

  1. A mental view or outlook: "It is useful occasionally to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present" (Fabian Linden).


Sometimes, in order to gain "perspective", we have to take a step back from reality and just be.

I hadn't planned on participating in PP this week.  Most of the time I'm so tired by the time I get home, I just don't feel very creative.

Then, I started playing with pictures.  The picture above is layered.  It's a shot of my friend Jean, playing in a puddle.  Merged with a shot of the sun rays shining through the clouds.  When I was finished, I had changed my mind.

Most know that Jean is recently back from Afghanistan.  She spent a year there.  A few days before this picture was taken, we had both lost a family friend.  In small towns like ours, everyone is linked to everyone, somehow.

Jean had a hard time with this.  Not only the death of our friend but, what she had been through, was factored in.  Seemed to me she needed some down time. So, I took her to my favorite thinking place.  I told her husband, Bill, we would be back, maybe wet but, I would get her home.

I took her to the lake.  It was supposed to rain and it did.  Which made me happy. LOL  Jean hadn't played in the rain since she was a child.  At first, she wasn't so happy about it then, she was helping me chase raindrops. LOL  We were laughing, wet and having fun.  Nothing was important but, finding the perfect raindrop to photograph.

For a couple of hours, we stepped back.  We just enjoyed spending time together.  Both, feeling lighter and with a hopeful "perspective" of our daily lives.

Even though, I don't participate as much as I would like, I enjoy it very much.  To learn more about PP click here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mono Monday Plus #9 (MM#23)

It's that time again.  Good thing I've been playing around with pics this week because, I'm just too tired to do much tonight.

I'm doing one of each.  The first, just a simple color change using The holga-ish feature.  I tend to like that one.

The second, a little more too it.  First, the pictures I worked with.
I worked with these in  Layered, cropped, changed the color.  There is also a tool for effects.  I went to the photo effect and played with the warmth of the picture.
This is what I got.
After all of this, I went back one more time.  My friend at Walmart has printed these for me.  She didn't like them but, I  love them.  This is my final pic.  My favorite.