Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Picture to words~~~ Movement...week three

She was finally here.  The place she had always dreamed of.  That place that had aways called to her.

She stood there, looking at the beauty before her.  Rays of light beaming, through the clouds, above the magnificent old building.  The birds seem to be drawn to the light, as was she.  Circling ever upward, toward it's warmth.

So many emotions filled her.  Peace, contentment.  A sense of arriving home after a long journey.

But, there was also sadness.   A feeling of emptiness.  She was not supposed to be here alone.  The one that had been her light, the one that had pulled her from the storm, had fallen into a darkness of his own.  What she had offered, what she had given, had not been enough.  She had not been enough.

Life was full of such strange twists and turns.  The one who had given her hope, the one that had seen her, even though she tried to hide this from others, had also been the one to give her strength.  The one that had given her the courage to walk away, the ability, to say goodbye.

There was something waiting for her here.  She knew it.  She could feel it.  She would leave the sadness and emptiness behind.  Her time had come.  She was off to find her destiny.  Whatever that might be.


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