Friday, June 20, 2008

Picture to words week 4...Late entry

High above the clouds

In the place of dreams

Deep blue eyes

Haunting me

From separate shores

Love abounds

Two souls as one

Have been found

Hearts entwined forevermore

Both have found

What they were searching for



This is a late entry.  But, it just came to me.  There may be more, I just can't see it yet.




  1. Something ain't right...gotta work on it.

  2. Pretty darn good for a "just came to me" Linda.
    I've found sometimes that these spontaneous ones are best, and are best written down quickly. If you think about them and try to mess with them too much, you just lose it.

  3. Yep, you're right. If there's more, it'll come to me.

  4. Keep copy of the original then and see how it goes.
    Wierd, your comment came in just as I was pressing send on mine

  5. First one I mean.
    Gawd I cant type fast enough lol

  6. LOL I'll do that. The only place I've ever kept poems and things have been here. If I wrote them on paper, I would just throw them away. I lost a couple that way, when my last computer died. One of them, I would really love to have.

  7. Yeah, sounds good. No need to make it public either if you don't want.

  8. Reads good - captures the vastness of the scene.

  9. Great Linda. I relate to your words completely!

  10. It's beautiful, Linda. The words and the images flow easily. Great read. Thanks for sharing.

  11. If words happen TO you, they have to be put down on paper. They happen for a reason. I'm glad you listened. A late entry is better than no entry at all.

    This sounds like an erotic dream to me *blush for saying erotic* Very subtle, but its there. I can't explain it any better than that, but I can say that I think its fantastic :]

    You can link in the PTW Week 4 home page. I opened it for you to post it.