Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Picture to words...Doors



As she walked through the door, she thought of the many times, she had passed it by.  The old, abandoned farm house.  It was separated from the highway, by a field.  It's own small forrest behind it.  A peaceful place that seemed to belong to a time and place of it's own. 

She walked through a door that must have been, at one time, a parlor.  The room, like the rest of the house, was empty except, for a painting that was covered by a black drape.

Slowly, she pulled the cloth aside.  Her breath caught in her throat.  It was a portrait of a man. Dressed in the era of 100 years ago.  He wore a silver medallion that read "Destiny".  His hair as black as night.  His eyes, the deepest blue she had ever seen.  Eyes that seemed to be looking into the deepest parts of her.  Eyes full of knowledge, strength and passion.

Mesmerized, by a man, she had never known that must have lived here many years  ago, she wondered who he was.  What kind of man had he been?  Who had put that look of passion in his eyes?  Why was she so affected by it?

She turned away to explore the rest of the house.  So many rooms.  So many open doors.  All but one.

As she approached the door, her vision began to blur.  Slowly the house began to change.  No longer empty.  She could hear voices.  She could smell flowers in the hallway.  There were beautiful rugs on the floors.

The visions didn't scare her.  She had had them before.  What bothered her was the crying she could hear behind the closed door.

As she opened the door, her hands began to tremble.  She was consumed by the sadness coming from within. 

Inside lay a man.  A bright red stain across his chest.  Blood, from a gun shot wound. The silver medallion stood out  against  it.  He lay lifeless.  The man in the portrait.

By his side was a woman.  Her own tears began to fall as she watched her.  She could feel the woman's agony.  Her emptiness and despair.  The horrible sense of loss.

The woman raised her tear streaked face.  The air ceased to move.  Her head began to spin.  She was drifting into darkness.  The face she had looked into.....was her own.

To be cont. at a later date in time.  LOL


So, there ya go.  My pitiful attempt at writing a story. LOL  I can see it unfold in my head.  Just have a hard time putting it into words.

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  1. Wow.

    I hope we're not waiting long for chapter two!

  2. go on girl...go on....
    we're waiting...

  3. Great Job You had me right there in the house watching it all unfold. You will find mine here.

  4. very nice linda is a heck of a lead in and i saw it unfolding

  5. Okay Gary, when are you going to play? And thank you.

  6. lol the writing isnt the thing..its the trying to visit sites linda the two pic projects keep me covered up ..i told pinkie when i see a them that catches me i will do one

  7. OH Crap, I forgot to add the link...

  8. *dramatic sweep of the hand to the brow...

    [insert an off colour joke about lepers here]

  9. I use a digital camera - a Sony 8.1 megapixel. I have it set on manual - around 200 ASA, and aperture set at 4 to 6.0. I play around with it, depending on how much light pollution there is on any given evening. That particular photo I used was a hand held shot, no tripod. I like the story, btw.

  10. Appear to be a strong beginning of a big novel. Beautifully written with lot of suspense. Please continue and give information. I enjoyed reading. Thanks. My entry for Picture 2 words is a poem, for this week available at - . pl. see

  11. That was great - although a beginning it does not have to go further if it doesn't want to, one can imagine so many different developments (although I wonder about part 2?). I liked the bit with the picture - a real mystery is developing.

  12. There is a lot of visualization here. Initially, it seemed a bit thick, but as you began to add sensory to the visual, it took the reader to a different level. Once you added the emotional aspect, everyone wanted the resolution, which is the goal of a short story, however, you have fooled us all!

    I agree with 'Tabbynera' below, but I'll explain myself differently: As a writer, certainly, there are rules of 'politeness.' Start a story, finish a story. Having said that, I'll throw it all to the wind by telling you that the magical thing about authoring is you don't have to follow the rules!

    You owe the reader nothing. However, if your goal is to create a 'hook' to lure attention only to leave the reader begging for more, you do owe them a proper 'hook.' With a little more 'meat' on your hook and some guidance, you could have the possible etchings of a novella.

    In other words, wonderful composition!

  13. Well she got the "hook" part pretty darn good .. I hope this story haunts you so you'll have to write more. Your spinning wheel as it were. It was very good.

  14. Linda it is a great story all inspired by that picture? fab talent!

  15. Ohhhh...I enjoyed that.
    Well done :)

    Thanks for visiting mine.

  16. I'm sorry y'all. A "hook" isn't what I intended at all. I'm not sure if it's over. After reading tabbynara's comment, I began to think maybe it was.

    I have kicked around stuff in my head a little but, I think maybe "seeing her own face" was the end of this one.

  17. looking forward to the continuation...
    thank you for dropping by.

  18. Any man who wears a silver medallion with the word destiny on it deserves to be shot anyway.

    but tortured very slowly with electical volts first....

  19. Nice story! (laughing at vampam's comment. Lol!) It's good to leave something up to the imagination of the reader, so great job on the ending.
    Thanks for stopping by:

  20. Very good, another spooky one lol. I agree with vampam too by the way...

  21. WOW! I went back to bed this morning, and went back through the doors (I just added a comment to my post) and then I came here, and you reminded me instantly of the portrait I had seen on the way out of the second room, which I hadn't recalled when I woke I raced back over to add it to my comment and come back over here. Cool sync with the portrait!

  22. Well Vamp, At least I didn't put him in a skirt...LMAO

  23. I bet you thought about it...

    I don't mind men in skirts... I love Eddie Izzard in that wee pvc black mini of his...if you're going to wear a skirt; be a woman... or come out as a proper tranny I reckon.

  24. Ooooh, great wee story. It could go either way. Certainly had me hooked. Good one Linda.