Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monochromatic Monday Entry #7

I have always wanted to do this.  My grandmonster, Matthew.  He has beautiful blue eyes.  Right now he's mad at me because, I was supposed to take him toy shopping if he got all green this week which, he did.  LOL  Toy shopping will take place tomorrow.

Anyway, this is my original pic...

I changed it to black and white

put the blue back in his eyes

played around with the color filter and decided to go with green

cropped it

went up on contrast, saturation and temperature

added the vignette feature and...

my outcome

For more on MM click here....


  1. He's a cutie! Sure does look angry!
    Here is mine:

    P.S. Gary is in the hospital for gallbladder surgery... that's what's goin' on 'round here...

  2. Ha, your eye. That's what made me decide to try. LOL When I clicked on it to view it larger, I could see where I had missed some places on his eyes. Think I'm going to go back and fix it and print this one out.

  3. Nice portrait, well done Linda. He sure has beautiful eyes and what you did brings them out for sure.
    Thanks for coming by mine:

  4. You must have made the changes, that or I'm going blind. Sharp conversion with this, the vintage look is right on the mark ... just curious what it would look like if ya cropped the tree out ... other than that minor thang, this is great!

  5. I love the picture of him, mad and all. Very nice work here.

  6. Great job. The blue of his eyes really popped nicely.

  7. nice work love it! thanks baz

  8. Great conversion those eyes are amazing! I might have cloned out that tree to give an even background, but this is very nice work!!!

  9. Those eyes just draw you in. Good work Linda.