Sunday, May 25, 2008

Monochomatic Monday #8

My original picture.  It was taken at Justin's Anchor's Aweigh Party.  I took it to picnik...

converted it to black and white

cropped it

went up on the contrast, saturation and temperature

put the color back in the flags


The end results:

I played with several different pictures but, I kept coming back to this one.  Today is, after all, Memorial Day.

I have always been of the opinion that no matter how you felt about the conflict going on in today's world that those that are fighting this battle deserve our support.  There are many over there, I'm sure, that don't want to be but, out of a sense of duty and honor, they have gone.

I also think that we should not only remember our men and women over there fighting but, those from other Countries also.  Many have given there lives from America and many other places world wide.

My hope is that they will all be home soon.  No matter where they come from.

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  1. Sigh, I don't really like it. But, if ya click on it you can see more detail. Tried to resize it here on Multiply but, it just looked pixeled so I left it alone.

    Off to the land of dreamssssss....Night.

  2. You know Sweet P this might have been better if I had cropped it more and just concentrated on one flag.

  3. This is nice, lindy. Simple and direct. Thank you for the sentiment for ther vets with the colors as well. I think though, as you just mentioned if you cropped it tighter from the center flag back to the left, including the land where the post is, this would have a better impact, and enlarge it more, this would be a stand out shot! Try it and see what happens.
    Try adding some shade effect to the roof if possible. That might do the trick without doing anything else.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I too really like the B & W better. 8=)

  4. It probably would have more of an impact if it was cropped and more focused on the page, since you are specifying Memorial Day. Nevertheless, it is still a nice photo.

  5. Great one Linda, and kudos to all your soldiers. I am still working on mine..

  6. Awesome pic and love the words you put to it.....truely a work of art with amazing meaning! Light and Joy....

  7. I love the way you made the flags color....very cool Linda!

  8. I absolutely agree. My late father was a veteran of WWII, and I grew up in the city with the largest # of military monuments outside DC (Indianapolis) so...

    The picture is very well done. It has something of an Ansel A. feel to it (maybe from your adjusting the temperature?)

    Thanks for visiting mine and the kind words

  9. I am back with mine, a live birdie this time haha:

  10. thats a lovley conversion I like it a lot

  11. Love this! I really looks like a old photo that you pasted the flags on...very nicely converted!!!

  12. great picture for the black and white, love it

  13. lol.. now now now, you have the hang of this just fine my friend!!! i love this pic... and love leaving the flags in color... they really stand out here... this is a well done conversion!

  14. This house was built here since 1776 ? :) The crop applied removed any modern stuff from sight,
    bringing more age to the image. The flag then blow out in colors... love this :))

  15. wow! thew convertion turned the picture into a western movie scene!!!
    great work!!1
    Mono Monday #8: Perdió

  16. this is great. sorry I am so late to getting around.

    love the flags

    Healthy Blessings

  17. hey Linda ty for honoring those that serve and have served ..freedom is far from free ty for remembering ..i like this one as well looking at the rich brownish red rusting color of the natural wood ..did you try this in a variety of sepia for results and keep the color in flags...either way you made an impact well done..

  18. Nice conversion. I like the splashes of colour.