Thursday, April 24, 2008

Picture Perfect~~~Safe


Free from harm, injury, or risk; untouched or unthreatened by danger or injury; unharmed; unhurt; secure; whole; as, safe from disease; safe from storms; safe from foes.
In the darkest part of the night, when the storms of life begin to drift through our thoughts, what do you reach for........

A hand to pull us through.....

A voice that brings peace.  That calms you, leads you through the storms, to a place within.  A place "safe".

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  1. ohh this is beautiful.....perfect......lovely.......and true.

  2. Very poetic and nice take on it and that moon, that moon, that beautiful moon!! (I love the moon if you didnt notice, lol). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Beautiful Idea and great take. I like this. Thanks for sharing. Mine is at -

  4. Do the devil's work, where i can have my "linda carol" wall....another beaut.

  5. Lovely Linda. I am on a new computer! So may be late if at all! I like this picture. Your pictures are brilliant and so vibrant!

  6. Beautiful words, very moving...well done.

    if you haven't already, mine's up if you fancy a look,

  7. super good photo thanks for the visit

  8. that is but... dreamy...
    we all crave for a safe haven...
    thanks for visiting mine:)

  9. really like the words. nice take on the theme
    thanks for your comment

  10. Oh Linda, I've always loved this pic and now you have matched it up with some beautiful words too.
    Great take hun.

  11. Wow ... would I so like to be there right about now ... this is good! You have placed words here that fit perfectly with this ... the calm of being safe. Kudo's!

    Thanks for stopping by ... good to see you once more 8=)

  12. Hei Linda

    Wow! What a great take.
    Keep so well and safe.

    Thanks so much for visiting my take in ere.

  13. Nicely done... the pictue is great! Thanks for visiting my site and for your kind comments.

  14. Your photo is absolutely striking, words are powerful.. Beautiful

  15. Beautiful picture and take on the ~safe~ theme thanks for stopping by my page

  16. Beautiful thoughts in your words, Linda...and the photo has an eerie feel to it that makes me want to find safety.

    Hope you'll remember to drop by mine on should be ready by then.

  17. Love the effects in this picture...
    Great poem to match!

  18. Light as safety...well done! Very poetic!

    And of course, it goes without saying, a gorgeous photograph!

  19. Oh, this is incredible!! I love this. The darkness of it, the romance-just gorgeous. Thank you for visiting mine. :)

  20. Wonderful picture and words.
    Mine is up.

  21. very surreal feel to the pic and hauntingly true words ...this is a gator classic..jgh
    Ty for visiting “From the MastHead”
    jgaryhillstudio “Safe”
    ”Picture Perfect Friday”

    also for those interested in a Black and White experience

    ”Monochrome Monday”

  22. safe harbor I hadn't thought of that, great picture and take on the theme

  23. i am mesmerized by your beautiful moon photo :)
    love the way mr. moons peeps through the branches ...
    great take on the theme :)

    thanks for sharing and dropping by my site :)

    stay safe!! :)

  24. Yes Yes Yes!!!! Love the moon and trees, so fits the mood for your wonderful poem, have been there like everyone else, reaching for that hand, trying to hear that voice.

  25. Deep and beautiful, thanks for stopping by mine

  26. I clicked for a bigger pic and was blown away. This photos is gorgeous!

  27. I have one I call Vamps Moon. This one is Holly's. If I ever make it to the post office again, I have one made to send her.

  28. How wonderful! It's truly beautiful.....
    Thanks for stopping by mine. :)

  29. What a beautiful photo... I would be more inclined to be out there watching that moon. It looks safe to me.
    My Picture Perfect

  30. It was the Christmas moon Tint. And, I spent some time outside watching it and dreaming under it. LOL

  31. What a GORGEOUS shot!!! I've never taken any night photos and one day soon I'll have to try. :-)
    Take care & thanks for visiting my site! - Marcia

  32. Oohh, I really like that picture. Great take on the theme!

    My Picture Perfect Theme

  33. awesome pic and a safe harbor...we think much the same my friend...
    thanks for stopping by my page..
    many hugs xo

  34. prefect match of words and image my friend!!!

  35. Beautiful shot .... I would love to lie beneath in the grass feeling the earth hold me gently.....ahhhh Safe that would be....nice take! TY for stopping by.

  36. The area in my pic was my front yard...LOL

  37. Excellent shot I love how the moon is framed by the trees (or leaves). It almost say no matter how dark it is there will always be a light to guide us thru.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my entry. Have a great weekend!

  38. thank you for visiting mine. So lovely of you to visit.
    I love yours, everybodies is so different this week. I am loving it... Have a great weekend, lilangelwolf

  39. I must agree.. simply beautiful Great take on the theme

    Thanks for stopping by and the comment

  40. yes pray, see, hear and sense you are absolutely "safe" good one
    thanks for visiting the monkey at india

  41. Wow.... sooo nice!

    Thanks for your visit.

  42. Very beautiful and very true

    Thanks for stopping by my PPF

  43. very nice photo lindy. thanks for visiting my site.

  44. How beautiful ! ! ! I could be talking about the photo or the words. They both touch the heart and are understood so well !
    Thank you , Linda for your visit to my PP ~ I look forward each week to our visits both ways. Hope this weekend finds you happy and safe!!!

  45. It took me a while of gazing at the picture to finally settle into what you described. That's a beautiful photo, and I can imagine you, out in the moonlight, feeling just so, and shooting away...

  46. We all at times get lost in that darkness.....not all will reach up for the hand or listen to the voice......those who do...find their safe place....those who don't stay lost.

    Dimples!!! so sweet and yes you can see he feels safe there as should be.

    My Picture Perfect Safe

  47. Beautiful photo. Thank you so much for stopping by mine.

  48. Wonderful take on the theme!

    Thanks for the visit :-)

    "Safe" - For Picture Perfect

  49. Your shot is very eerie and surreal. I love it. I can never get good moon pictures. Thanks for commenting on mine.

  50. I love this shot. I love the night and what treasures it shares with us all..thank you so much for stopping by and sharing...hugs.

  51. Beautiful photo. Everyone is so clever.

  52. This is EXACTLY what I was trying to get thru in my poem.. you reflected it well right here!!

    Bee blessed!

  53. Thank you.. I did save it :) It very much Speaks to me... Bee Blessed :)

  54. The photo has a kind of mystery attached to it. Wonderful words. Nice post.

  55. Stopping by to say hi, can't see the picture currently. Maybe it will fix itself later. Thanks for commenting on my page!

  56. Truly unique photo and take on the theme. Well written and a great picture.
    Thank you for visiting mine as well.

  57. Yep Im late on here...but love the picture!!!

  58. great picture. I feel safer at night. love the poem too.

  59. Ahhhh love your words and the beautiful moon shot!
    Makes me want to be with a certain someone who makes me feel safe... :)

  60. Wonderful picture... and delightfully disturbing existential thoughts...

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