Thursday, December 20, 2007

Picture Perfect-Festive Dedicated to Jean...Reply from Jean added.

fes·tive (festiv)


  1. of, for, or suited to a feast or festival
  2. merry; joyous

In the picture above, my friends and I at one of our trips to the beach.  Things were very "festive" that night.  We had so much fun but, there was a shadow over us.

We call ourselves SGOTM (Southern Girls on the Move).  We take trips together, go out to eat and catch up with one another once a month.  Last night was on of those nights.  And, I always take my camera.  This time especially since, one of us was missing.

Some of you know, my friend Jean is in Afghanistan.  She''s an Army Medic.  Her mother is a part of our group.  Last night we made a short video for her.  telling her hello, we miss her and we can't wait for her return.  I also took some shots of everyone for her.  They didn't turn out so well.  Lighting.  Played with aperture and shutter speed but, she'll like them.  One of the things she asked before she left was that we continue with our girls night out.  This was the first that I had been able to attend in a while.  They all rearranged their schedules for me.

Jean is one of the strongest people I have ever met.  She's also one of the kindest.  She'll take every step available to her to help anyone she can.  She's always calm.  She can step up into a whirlwind of a situation and have sanity restored in no time.  She's a Mother of 2 and a Grandmother of 3.  She hasn't seen her granddaughter yet.

So this post is for her.  I'll be sending her the link.  She'll be able to see the video and pics from last night.  I'm also adding a video I made for her before she left.  She didn't get to see it.  I'll be sending her the link to this page.  If you would like to leave her a message, wish her a Merry Christmas, please do so.  I'm sure she'll love to hear it.

Since I'm breaking the rules of picture perfect with all the pics and videos, I sent Heather a message first.  Thank You Heather.....

For Jean:

I miss you so much Chic.  You're always in my thoughts and prayers.  My admiration and respect for you know no bounds.  I'm thankful everyday for your friendship and for the person you are.  See you when you get home.  Till then, know we all love you.  Merry Christmas Jean.




SRG. Lori J. Pate


A reply from Jean:


Hey Girl, I just went to the site, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! It was wonderful. I really needed that today too. There was 23 replys. Been out for the last few days, just got back in.
Love Jean

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Picture Perfect-Outrageous


When I first saw this week's theme, my crazy cousin was the first thing that came to mind.  I thought about it today while I was at the lake.  A lot of serious issues crossed my mind.  As I have enough to deal with at the moment, I opted for laughter.

The following is a post I did on 360 about Morticia.  As for the photo above.....I do believe I caught her personality perfectly....LMAO!


Lunch with Morticia...


Always interesting...LMAO! The fact that I"m "man-less" only came up once (miracles do happen). I told her I didn't have to look for a man because, she's always doing it for me.

Now, to show you how serious she is about this, when our cousin Mia died, she decided to call one up. She told him she had a single cousin that she wanted to introduce him too. We were at the funeral home at the time. Sitting by Mia's casket.

Before any of you go off on a rant, If Mia could have, she would have been laughing her ass off. She would have loved it. As for me, I just walked out of the room. Lot of good it did me. She had him at my Aunt Flora's house the next day.

To be honest though, it helped Morticia to get through this time. So, it was okay. I really love her and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her. Well almost anyway....

I have a strange family but, we love each other and we're there for each other. We always have fun when we're all together. For some strange reason though, I'm the target. LMAO! As soon as I walk in the door something gets started. At least I've never ended up in the catfish pond!

I did enjoy my time with Morticia yesterday but then I always do. I guess our family has been through a lot the past few months. Morticia more than the rest of us. She and Mia were very close. They said they were Thelma and Louise.

I don't think our loved ones ever really leave us. If we keep them in our hearts, they are always there for us and if we really listen, when our lives are in turmoil and we can't seem to find our way, I believe we can hear them. They are there helping us find our way.


I enjoy Picture Perfect every week.  A lot of amazing pictures out there and wonderful stories.  If you would like to know more about Picture, click.