Thursday, November 22, 2007

Picture Perfect-Harvest


  1. The act or process of gathering a crop.
    1. The crop that ripens or is gathered in a season.
    2. The amount or measure of the crop gathered in a season.
    3. The time or season of such gathering.
  2. The result or consequence of an activity.

  A few hours of my day were spent harvesting memories.   While this may not be what was meant.  The picture holds a lot of meaning for me.  Above, my daughter Brandy, laughing.  Enjoying Thanksgiving day.  She cooked up a pretty good meal.  Some of you know why this picture means so much to me.



  1. Yes I do and I'm glad to see her happy also.

  2. She looks good doesn't she Vamp. They're the reason I'm awake again. I did get a few hours sleep before they came over. Then the phone rang. Since I have to be up at 2 am, I may not go back to sleep. Once I'm awake that's pretty much it anyway.

  3. Harvesting memories can be a good thing. Good take on the theme.

  4. She is beautiful Linda....I don't know the history you refer to but I'm assuming she is in a much better place in her life now....that's obvious by the smile! Great take on the theme!!!

  5. She looks mahveeeelouss...and I know it means the world to you!

  6. She certainly looks like she's got a lot to smile about!

  7. I too went with the same thread you did and harvested love. So much to be said for memories.

  8. O I love your picture! I can see love and happiness and it brought a smile on my face.
    It also made me want to call home and talk with my mom.
    I agree with you about harvesting memory - be thankful for the love in our lives are good to our souls. I thank you for sharing this. Hope you have a nice holiday!