Friday, May 25, 2007

The adventures of Linda Carol and Morticia....

Sunday, being the dutiful Southern Girls we are, Morticia and I were spending a little time with Aunt Shirley on her birthday. Then, the phone rings. Gomez is on the line telling Morticia that the boys have her guns and ammo and are out in the pasture shooting.

Well now, Morticia has no problem at all with the boys shooting, as long as it's not her ammo..LMAO! We jump in the jeep and we're off.

When we get to Morticia's, Travis is coming up from the pasture. It wasn't her guns and ammo but, the guys have some toys they want Morticia to check out. Morticia is an ace shot and they love watching her play. LOL

We take the jeep through the pasture and Morticia starts shooting. This guy had a rifle with a laser site and she was loving it. He also had something called a 500. That's what she shooting in the pic above.

Now all are enjoying the afternoon and then....We look up and there sits the sheriffs car across the field at the neighbors. In Society Hill they have hours for shooting and we were within those hours but, seems this Lady had a problem with it.

We all just sat back and waited. Problem was the deputy couldn't figure out how to get to us. LMAO! We sat and watched him for a while and I do believe I heard a snicker or two. He had 3 pastures to get through before he could get to us...LMAO!

As he headed back toward the main road, Morticia said-He's either given up or he's gone for reinforcements. She told the boys to scatter in the woods for a while. We put the girls in the jeep and headed back across the pasture to the house.

Now we were not on this Lady's land but, the thing is-Morticia's land was on the other side of the fence..LMAO!

We're still waiting for him to find us!

Y'all have a great to work here...

Bear decided Morticia and I needed a song...LMAO!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

From the mouths of babes....

Yesterday I was with my Grandson Tyler. He loves to take pictures and he knows how to use my camera. I always make him wear it around his neck so he won't drop it. As I got ready to leave he asked me if he could take a picture of me. I told him Granny didn't like to have her picture taken. In typical 7 year old fashion he asked me why. I told him cause Granny is old and ugly. He then said come here Granny and puckered up his little lips for a kiss. I leaned over to kiss him bye. He got this wonderful little smile on his face and said........

See Granny now you're not.....