Sunday, April 1, 2007

Entry for April 01, 2007

Wondering Thoughts
Talanbek Chekirov
I've marked this blog as mature because of the Art. I've had a warning from Yahoo. Seems someone was offended by one of my post. Really can't think of anything here that bad but, oh well.
As for the painting. I like it. To me it portrays exactly as titled.....Wondering thoughts. I see nothing grotesque or vulgar. To me, it does not invite crude remarks. It show a woman, lost in her thoughts. There is a sensuality to this painting but, the artist shows the beauty of it and not the perverse.
I guess I chose this because that's where I am tonight. As I sit here, listening to the rain, my thoughts wondering over time. It just seems to fit my mood.
And as my thoughts wonder, I have a question......
Do you believe that you can feel the presence of someone so strongly, at times, that you know that in that moment, a connection is made. In that moment, that person is reaching out to you?
I guess it may have to do with the events of the past couple of weeks. And the death of Jeans Grandmother.
Miss Molly died yesterday. Jean will not be able to come home for the services. To do this she would have to go through the training she is about to finish, all over again with another unit. This would delay her deployment date and her return home next year. At the request of her family, she will not come home.
Jean is strong and will handle whatever she has too but, I know she's hurting inside. While she may not let those around her see's there. She loved her Grandmother very much.
Miss Molly was in her 90's. She was the editor of our small town paper at one time. She also wrote an article called "Mollies Jumbles". She and my Grandmother were buddies. My Grandmother also wrote a weekly article..."From The Desk Of Pearl Douglas". She would take me with her to Miss Mollie's office sometimes. Here they would discuss politics and catch up on the latest goings on in the town. To me this is gossip but, never would I have let these two hear me say that. Our paper is no longer issued but, Mollie's Jumbles" still appears in the county paper. Her daughter writes it now.
Jean is scheduled to come home for 7 days the 10th of this month. We've been making plans to get together for a girls night. I do get to talk to her from time to time. She sends e-mails and leaves messages on my answering service. While we'll all be glad to have her home, I know this will be a sad time for her for many reasons now. But, we all will be there....for whatever she needs.
That's the good thing about friends, don't you think? They're there for whatever you need. Maybe to just sit quietly together, no words....just the companionship of close friends. Or, being silly, having fun, leaving the troubles behind for a while. Then there's the times when you talk, really talk....concerns, worries, thoughts, dreams, ideas.
I would be interested hearing your thoughts on my question, the art and all of the above. For now I'm going to let the rain lull me to sleep.
Y'all take care.