Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Five weird or strange things about me....

A Table for One
Jack Vettriano



You must post a blog entitled "5 Weird Habits or Strange Things About Me".   Post the names of 5 people that you are going to tag.   List their names below along with your "bizarre 5".   They in turn must create their blog with their info and the names of the people they tag, as well as posting it here in the comment section of your blog!

Well, I have been tagged by my dear friend Tim.  Thanks soooooooo much.  Now see this is hard seeing as how I'm a perfectly normal Southern Girl. (Okay Ya'll can stop laughing now).


1.  I love to play in the rain.  I just love the rain period. Guess it's something left over from my childhood. Who knows.


2.  I love to climb fences, which I no longer do!


3.  I eat peanut butter on peaches.  I know, yuk, ewwww, blahhh, it's good, try it.


4.  I would rather buy books than shoes.  Sorry MA, know I let ya down here.  This doesn't mean I don't love shoes. I do.   But,

     given a choice of one or the other, I'm going for the books.


5.  Now this one really is weird.  I believe that a place or a land can call to you.  Must be my Celtic roots.


Okay, there's 5.  I'm not going to tag anyone because a lot of you have requested not to be tagged.  But if ya want to give it a shot-go for it.